Rates & Packages

Below please find our most up-to-date rates and packages if you are considering working together.

session by session rates

• $275 | Individual
 • $325 | Couple or Parent coaching 
Sessions are 50 minutes in length


12 sessions
$ 3420 one time fee
24 sessions
$ 6600 one time fee
48 sessions
$ 12480 payment options available

Packages are benefitial if:

• You want a cost effective option for ongoing therapy/coaching.

•You are an individual and know you will be engaged consistently in therapy or coaching.

You are someone/a couple that will need to attend parent, family or couple sessions. When you purchase a package, regardless of the session type, the cost does not increase.

Expiration is 1 year from purchase date. 

a note from dr. victoria

 These packages were requested by and created to support families I work with. 
Upon request, a Superbill (statement of service specially for insurance companies) can be provided for out of network reimbursement.