The online webinar designed for people who:

  1. Love the purpose of their work.
  2. Are passionate about supporting others in living with joy & creating positive change.
  3. Are ready to launch their private practice business.
  4. Those ready to push their existing business to the next level.

Professionals in the behavioral and mental health fields including: social workers, psychologists, mental health counselors, learning specialists, neuro-psychologists, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists.

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Space is limited for this webinar to best support participants in discussion and questions. You will be invited to join the via an invitation link which will arrive in your email before the webinar date.

Are you craving guidance and support, but struggling to find the time or room in your budget for a one-on-one coach?
Are you eager to get the ball rolling but don’t know where to even begin?
Are you wondering about how to supplement your private practice with multiple income streams?

I know exactly what that’s like! I was once in your shoes.

When I was first making the transition to private practice, I felt quite lonely in the journey. I wish I had a friendly guide to give me the scoop on getting started and answer all my pressing questions with the utmost transparency and support. With an eagerness and passion, I mobilized and became resourced in all the ways I needed to be. Now having built my business in New York City and reestablishing it successfully in another state in just under 4 months, I am eager to share with you about my story, my journey and the top tips for getting started. If you are a student or recent graduate, this is a hot webinar for you to get your mind thinking and growing into the entrepreneur realm. If you’re a practitioner in private practice looking to nudge your business forward, you’ll get new and innovative ideas for marketing your business and increasing your visibility.

Join me for a  dynamic and comprehensive live webinar that is sure to get you motivated, organized and will decrease your worries.

In 2.5 hours, we’ll dive into:

  • A roadmap to the top things to do the first 3 months of launching, and beyond.
  • Building a brand and offerings that excite you and your potential clients.
  • My absolute MUSTS for website implementation and creation.
  • The top online marketing tools & how to use them.
  • Strategies for efficiency and productivity: my favorite resources and tools for online and offline management of your business and marketing.
  • Face to face networking that works (and you'll actually enjoy).
  • Top tips for identifying, attracting and landing the clients YOU want to work with and those you can help most: crafting your genuine and unique message.
  • Networking seamlessly and never again have to wonder who to connect with or how: top tips for networking and leaving a memorable impression.
  • Setting fees and nurturing healthy boundaries (a.k.a reducing your stress by 90%, results may vary... 🙂
  • Implementing ideas for increasing your multiple income streams.
  • Paperwork and must-haves for individual and group practices.

I will generously share all my tips with you!

  • Time and money saving resources to help you be more efficient with scheduling. correspondence and following up with your potential and existing clients.
  • My resource list, contacts and important information and ideas that will serve you as a backbone to starting out.
  • Access to an online community of others taking the same journey to private practice – for networking, support and ideas along the way.
  • An opportunity to sign up for an exclusive group coaching call with me and other participants to reflect on the ideas and get you mobilized! (The call is scheduled based on majority availability)