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My personal friend and style confidant for years, Nicole Russo, is the owner of Lets Get You based in NYC. If you are anything like me, you enjoy the idea of feeling confident in clothing, but the process of getting into the clothing that excites you is a less than appetizing thought. The mall is just a four letter word I  try to re-frame… (I digress). When I shop, I usually go for what I already know and feel comfortable about wearing, and I find myself feeling less than inspired to try something that strays from my usual. Black cardigans had become my uniform. What makes Nicole’s approach to working with people unique is that she digs deeper and works from the inside out.  Her mantra is trust the process … and I can’t disagree with that suggestion! I’ve invited Nicole to contribute a guide for private practice practitioners who are balancing multiple things in a day. From networking to meeting a new client and rolling around with a child in the playroom, Nicole got us covered down to the nuts and bolts.

Written by Nicole Russo, personal stylist and owner of Lets Get You.
Recently, Victoria told me –  as a successful private practice practitioner – how she treats patients, works with children, and networks all within a few hours! As a professional stylist, I understood completely. I see first-hand how difficult it can be to dress professionally while balancing various roles. Not only that, you are your biggest brand ambassador and maintaining a cohesive, approachable presentation is very important when building trust with patients and colleagues. With these style challenges in mind, I created a simple three step guide that will help you elevate how you dress while growing your practice. This guide is applicable regardless of personal tastes, daily therapist duties, or how many different settings you are in. When you’re done applying the steps, please join me on Instagram to share your success and ask any questions!

The Professional Guide to Everyday Style

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