Slide "I am thrilled you are here, because you are my WHY!" Dr. Victoria Grinman My formula for working with parents and couples was formed over 15 years of supporting people through some of the toughest and exciting moments and events in their relationships. Parents have the most important job in the world and the parenthood journey can bring up many things for people-especially thoughts, feelings, fears and concerns that you didn’t know were even there. All the things from the past you once thought you could go without exploring or healing seem to surface when children come into our lives, and this gets even more pronounced when living with unexpected circumstances or trauma. Working with children was always a large focus of my work, and when I was able to engage and reach parents, and help them gain clarity and tools for the challenges they were experiencing, their relationship with their child and spouse- and even their child’s behaviors-improved dramatically. I then started working with couples and individuals who were thinking about starting a family, and prepared them for the journey ahead. It is as close a blueprint you can get for the most unpredictable, exciting, challenging and transformative ride of your life.

If you are ready to transform your relationships, create a bond with your child you crave and look closely at yourself as the source of change for all you want, I can’t wait to work with you!

Peace and Love

3 1 2 “Paving the Way” 6 months (24 sessions)
This is the most widely chosen package for those who are looking to work through specific challenges in a timely and effective way, with masterful, straight forward and compassionate coaching that leads to results for your specific needs.
“Get on Track” 3 months (12 sessions)
Are you planning on having a family and looking to explore worries, fears or ambivalence you might be experiencing about starting a family and raising a child? Do you and your partner have trouble navigating conversations around parenthood and parenting philosophies?
“By Your Side” 1 year
(+2 months concierge on-demand support via text)
This package has you covered from beginning to end. I have found that parents and couples enjoy a longer duration of time with me after having worked on some initial challenges. You will get an immersive and comprehensive experience with guided support, plus 2 months of concierge on-demand connection for those in-the-moment situations with your child, teen or partner.

FOR the conscious parent

Slide Testimonials We have been working with Victoria over the last few months to get support in handling tough things that come up with our three children. We have two typical kids and one child with Autism. Before meeting Victoria I had a lot of anxieties and fears about the way I approach parenting my kids, and didn’t know how to be flexible in being with my children. I suffered from depression and anxiety on and off for years. With Victoria’s support and guidance, my husband and I feel more confident about how to handle certain situations, and are more in touch with what each of our kids need. I wish I had Victoria’s support years ago! If you’re a parent looking for someone who is dedicated and professional-Victoria is it! Her approach is so supportive and it is obvious she is on your team. She goes above and beyond to make sure we are taken care of. I can’t thank her enough.
- B.G., Massachusetts
I am a divorced father of two children, 9 and 11. Victoria was recommended to me when I was going through my separation and did not know how to respond to my kids while going through my own emotional pains. I was not doing well myself and it was beginning to impact my daughters. I didn’t know what to expect at first. Victoria is easy to talk to and explains things in ways I understand. I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge and confidence from my work with her. She helped me understand the reasons I behave in certain ways with my children and how to feel my own feelings. With Victoria’s help, I have been able to feel better about myself as a parent and connect with my children on a deeper level. I can’t thank Victoria enough.
- R.C. New York