Navigating Anxiety In Children: Meeting Stress with Inner Strength

This self-paced online workshop shows you how today’s challenges can build your child’s resiliency. You walk away with practical tools to help children manage their feelings while showing them how best to live their life from a sense of personal power and agency.

You receive:

  • More than 20 video presentations that offer a new framework for understanding anxiety in children
  • More than 30 embodied exercises to help children access their inner strength
  • Readings, short films, and video resources to support learning
  • Online forums to connect with other parents and caregivers about ways to help your child thrive, even when life is challenging

For those taking this course, I am extending a special offer of an 8 week live support group for parents and caregivers. I will facilitate a guided discussion about the material in the course and answer any questions you have about it, including helping you apply the information and strategies to your own kiddo(s). Having the support of others is so important and I hope this gives you some relief in knowing that you are not alone. Below are dates for the first cohort.

*If you have a group of friends/ colleagues that want to form a support group together on your preferred dates and times, I am offering to create exclusive support groups upon request. Email me directly with these requests (space for these are limited).

Session 1: Welcome and Orientation March 31 – 7 PM EST
Session 2: Childhood Anxiety Today April 7 – 7 PM EST
Session 3: Anxiety and the Brain/Body Relationship April 14 – 7 PM EST
Session 4: Mindfulness, Movement and Resilience. April 21 – 7 PM EST
Session 5: Managing Escalating Emotions April 27 – 7 PM EST
Session 6: Building Agency and Personal Power May 5 – 7 pm EST
Session 7: Connection, Attunment and Play May 12 – 7 PM EST
Session 8: Self Compassion, Gratitude and Courage May 19 – 7 PM EST
If you miss a live session, you may receive a recording that is only viewable to members of the private parent support group.

I am offering a 50% discount for the support group if you sign up by March 1st.

In order to register for the live 8 week support group, please:

1) Submit payment (50 % off promotional rate available until March 1st)
2) Fill out this registration form

Have questions? Use this form to contact me.

Support Group