Your workshop really launched my interest in this area of trauma and the  interventions that really impact the brain and the body. You are such a wealth of information on neuro-biology –  mostly you provided a practical guide to working with students and engaging them when they are checked out or hyper-aroused. I love the way you were able to break down the  symptomatology and a way foster connection and competence in the classroom. I find it sequential as we teach educators the importance of building community in the classroom,  a sense of competence, to a sense of esteem and then individual tools to use as they grow. The teachers are really responding to relationship building and incorporating mindfulness and yoga. It’s been a wonderful adventure and I want to thank you for the inspiration. I keep your Mindful Statements posted next to my desk to keep me on track!

Cindy Schmidt

School SW


Victoria Grinman’s seminar was an incredibly informative and highly interactive experience that provided me with an array of skills to use on my own students. As a counselor at a nonprofit, after school youth development program that combines athletics with academic and social/emotional support, I am constantly looking for new ways to help my students cope, while also staying true to the mission and vision of the organization. Through this seminar, Victoria taught me numerous ways to incorporate yoga and mindfulness techniques into my daily counseling regimen. I am very grateful for this seminar and would recommend it to anyone that works with children.

Emily Rosen

High School Academic & Wellness Counselor


Participating in the seminar was a special experience. Victoria created a learning environment that exemplified the information she was sharing. We were guided through lessons about the mechanics of the brain, the influences trauma has on the brain and the power to transform through yoga and mindfulness.  She raised our awareness of triggers for trauma victims and demonstrated alternative exercises to assist clients. Victoria is warm and engaging, with a deep knowledge that she generously shares. My personal awareness grew from the training and walked away with useful tools to use in my work.

Rose S.

Covenant House Charity


I am so grateful I attended. The information you provided was extremely valuable to me.  I know why I was led to attend your conference, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work, your research, wisdom, guidance and for traveling all the way to MO to teach me. Thank you for making this work your life’s study and mission.

Physician, M.D.


So much helpful information – first the ‘why’ and then the ‘how’ of yoga for use with children!

Jenny L.

OT. Tucson


Thank you again for a wonderful workshop.  I have tried several of the techniques learned and really am finding them helpful.  Thank you so much for your expertise and the interesting way you presented the information with ways to easily and quickly incorporate it in my practice.

Jennifer K.


Your presentation was very valuable and well presented. I found myself thinking about ways that I can use this information in the schools, my own private practice, and with my own children.

Dr. Sharise M. Wilson


I have been seeing Victoria Grinman for a few years now and she has helped me tremendously in my awareness of my diagnosis from another doctor 8 years ago. She is always very supportive and helps encourage me to reach my goals of self growth. We have used DBT as a skill building therapy and our weekly talk therapy sessions help me a lot. I always feel very good after our sessions. I definitely recommend her! She is very sweet, understanding and professional.

K. R.

Individual Adult

I have been seeing Victoria for a few years now. I am one that has been in therapy most of my life battling depression and anxiety. Victoria is the best therapist that I’ve ever been with. She has truly transformed my life. Her approach is direct yet caring, with an extraordinary ability to get you to see things through a different lense.  She truly sees your potential and relates to you on a human to human level. She is talented, dedicated and one of a kind!

Leigh N.

Individual Adult

I have been working with Victoria for a little under four years now. I saw three professionals before finding her and automatically knew she worked best for me. She is an inviting individual and establishes a comfort level I could not find anywhere else. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to get out of seeing a therapist at the time that I started but the growth that I have experienced made my choice worth it.

Throughout the years I have gone through things that were difficult to work through and get past. Without the guidance of Victoria, I might still be lost. Through our sessions, I have not only learned so much about myself but about the life I want to live. Her method involves discovering and uncovering things at your own pace. There is never a rush. I have not felt once that we had an unproductive session. I most definitely have gotten at minimum one thing out of each time we’ve met. She has provided me with tools that I refer back to after years of being taught them. Victoria has also taught me that it isn’t always a bad thing to let somebody else be the expert for once. I had to realize that she is on my team, not against me. She is supportive and is genuinely dedicated to her clients and their health. Her thoughts and words mean a lot to me and I owe much of my mental growth to her.


Individual Adult

Working with Victoria over the last few years has helped me manage my emotions and make tangible, positive changes in my life. Thanks to this work, I am much better equipped to distinguish feelings from facts and I have learned how to make sound decisions that are no longer based on impulse. I now use writing prompts, journaling and meditation as ways to make sense of my experiences and redirect my behavior in new, healthier ways. Victoria has taught me not only how to use these tools, but why they are effective. As a result, I have a better understanding of what is happening in my brain when I react, and I can show myself compassion.

As a therapist, Victoria is kind and dedicated. She provides a safe and trusted space for me to challenge myself to do the work I need to do to be all that I can be. I feel very lucky to have met Victoria and to have her encouragement throughout my self-development process. The skills I have developed while working with Victoria allow me to embrace new connections and experiences in my life that I was closed off to before – and she reminds me to have fun while doing it! I warmly recommend others to work with Victoria.

Lucy A.

Individual Adult

Our adolescent, who suffers from anxiety, began working with Victoria a year and a half ago and immediately forged a great rapport with her. Victoria’s kindness, honesty, empathy, and professionalism put our child at ease. As a parent, finding someone whom your child trusts and can be honest with is so important. We were lucky to find Victoria.

As a parent, I have truly appreciated Victoria’s approach. She respects my child’s privacy and only shares things with us when she has permission. Periodic check-ins ensure that we are all working together to help our child make progress in controlling her anxiety. I appreciate that Victoria also points out family issues that may be affecting our child and suggests ways for us to address their impact. Victoria also has a conservative approach to medication and views it as an aid to talk therapy, not a standalone treatment, which matches our view. Her willingness to work with other professionals as a team in treating my child ensures that we are all on the same page.

I can’t recommend Victoria highly enough. She is truly a joy to work with and a true professional.


Work with Teens

Victoria developed a trusting rapport with our daughter who battles with depression, anxiety and ADHD. Victoria is relatable to my teen. She helps her take responsibility for her actions and grow from her choices. She is able to help our daughter navigate complicated relationships. One of the best skills my daughter has learned through therapy is to be reflective. Also, she has been working on being her authentic self which is a challenge for any teen. My daughter has definitely grown and continues to work on her executive functioning skills with Victoria. I appreciate Victoria’s frank and honest approach in providing therapy to my daughter and helping her tackle life’s challenges , and acquire life skills.


Work with Teens

We have been working with Victoria over the last few months to get support in handling tough things that come up with our three children. We have two typical kids and one child with Autism. Before meeting Victoria I had a lot of anxieties and fears about the way I approach parenting my kids, and didn’t know how to be flexible in being with my children. I suffered from depression and anxiety on and off for years. With Victoria’s support and guidance, my husband and I feel more confident about how to handle certain situations, and are more in touch with what each of our kids need. I wish I had Victoria’s support years ago! If you’re a parent looking for someone who is dedicated and professional-Victoria is it! Her approach is so supportive and it is obvious she is on your team. She goes above and beyond to make sure we are taken care of. I can’t thank her enough.

B.G., Massachusetts


I am a divorced father of two children, 9 and 11. Victoria was recommended to me when I was going through my separation and did not know how to respond to my kids while going through my own emotional pains. I was not doing well myself and it was beginning to impact my daughters. I didn’t know what to expect at first. Victoria is easy to talk to and explains things in ways I understand. I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge and confidence from my work with her. She helped me understand the reasons I behave in certain ways with my children and how to feel my own feelings. With Victoria’s help, I have been able to feel better about myself as a parent and connect with my children on a deeper level. I can’t thank Victoria enough.

R.C., New York


Working with Victoria to create my vision and launch my business has been a process of understanding who I am as an individual and what I want to accomplish. There is no template for these things, and it is interesting that in every session she asks how I am doing, what things are happening in my life outside of my business goals that may be impacting my process. In one session, specifically, I was dealing with a  transition in my life and Victoria asked a lot of good questions that had me thinking about more than just my business because…I am my business! Victoria  works with me in dealing with what might be happening or coming up for me. She asks insightful questions that have impacted my thinking, and stay with me after our calls. Each session has allowed me to have more clarity. I have a million and one ideas, and each session leaves me with specific takeaways and guides me to look at my vision in a more clear way. When I first recorded my podcast, I didn’t think it went well at all. Victoria  gave me encouragement as well as good tips on how to improve. In using her tips, I felt a lot more confident the next time I recorded. Victoria provides good feedback, next steps, and innovative ideas. She helped me funnel my thinking and focus on creating a clear path  achieving my vision for my business.  One of the greatest tools I have received has been a pre thought out structure that works for me. Victoria helps me show up authentically and really takes me through a process of self discovery.

M.P., Mother and Podcast host


Victoria has been a wonderful source of information and strategy in helping us work on anxiety issues with our child. She’s incredibly thoughtful. She listens to what we are saying and truly helps us get to the core of the issue while providing a clear action plan for us to follow. We would recommend Victoria to families seeking assistance with child anxiety. It’s hard to navigate alone and she is a great partner.

Jennifer W. and Matt W.

Meet meParents

Since I have started working with Victoria in late January I don’t experience the Sunday Scaries anymore. I also feel more confident and excited about my career and skills as a therapist and a budding speaker. She has helped me to think outside the box and embrace my uniqueness as a clinician. I now have my own therapy practice and have gained so much more momentum since January when I felt stuck, burnt out, and resentful. Victoria is not only compassionate and caring but she also pushes me to succeed, grow and thrive in a way that suits my individual needs and aspirations.

Rebecca M

Psychotherapist, NY