Mindful Moments for Kids (of all ages)

Thoughts Moving Meditation: This meditation is a favorite among the kids, teens and staff I volunteer with during bed time at Experience Camps, a free one week camp experience for kids who have lost a loved one. Mindfulness is often associated with stopping thoughts, and for kiddos that have many thoughts, this can feel overwhelming to think about doing. In order to clear our “container” we first must notice that we have a container, and what’s in it. This meditation is a good practice as we learn to be observers of our thoughts. When we get good at noticing them, we can decide what we do with them – keep them, play with them, change them or simply let them go…Enjoy.


FAVorite TRAVEL activity: Enjoyed that road trip sunset?
Grab a pen and jot a note of how beautiful it was. Send it to your self and the reminder will be waiting for you when you get home.

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