Dr. Victoria Grinman, PhD, LCSW-R
Therapist, Consultant  & Speaker

I am a do-er, connector and avid share-er with a passion to contribute positively to others in ways that helps facilitate a more connected and integrated experience of self and life overall.

Navigating Anxiety In Children: Meeting Stress with Inner Strength

This self-paced online workshop shows you how today’s challenges can build your child’s resiliency. You walk away with practical tools to help children manage their feelings while showing them how best to live their life from a sense of personal power and agency.

That Moment: Heart to Heart Talks with Dr. Victoria Grinman

“That Moment” sheds light on the possible outcome of Posttraumatic Growth in the wake of an experience that overwhelms our ability to cope. The talk highlights influential and inspiring individuals in the world and their story of struggle through a moment in their life or many experiences that challenged them and contributed to their success, elevation and joy. If you enjoyed this episode of That Moment, or you would like to learn more about achieving personal freedom, self-improvement, growth through trauma and relationship success

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I have been working with Victoria for a little under four years now. I saw three professionals before finding her and automatically knew she worked best for me. She is an inviting individual and establishes a comfort level I could not find anywhere else. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to get out of seeing a therapist at the time that I started but the growth that I have experienced made my choice worth it.

Throughout the years I have gone through things that were difficult to work through and get past. Without the guidance of Victoria, I might still be lost. Through our sessions, I have not only learned so much about myself but about the life I want to live. Her method involves discovering and uncovering things at your own pace. There is never a rush. I have not felt once that we had an unproductive session. I most definitely have gotten at minimum one thing out of each time we’ve met. She has provided me with tools that I refer back to after years of being taught them. Victoria has also taught me that it isn’t always a bad thing to let somebody else be the expert for once. I had to realize that she is on my team, not against me. She is supportive and is genuinely dedicated to her clients and their health. Her thoughts and words mean a lot to me and I owe much of my mental growth to her.


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