A growth centered therapeutic approach for achieving joy, relationship success and thriving through the challenges of trauma

When we donʼt know what we truly want, we have trouble finding balance.

In order to grow and expand, we need to have a balanced and nurturing environment.

Throughout the process of healing, we create a balanced environment by aligning our circumstances with what we really want.

Are you or someone you love dealing with a challenge or trauma that is creating a roadblock in their life? Do you sometimes feel stuck?

I help to guide individuals and organizations through a process of overcoming challenges and trauma through an inquiry and compassion orientation. An inquiry orientation is the ability to look at your situation and assess: what is going on, and where do I want to be? Compassion is the ability to regard oneself and others with kindness and let go of judgment and control.

Throughout this process, the past is fully integrated. Our pasts and challenges have so much to do with the person we are today, but they donʼt have to stand in the way of the person we want to become.

Meet Dr. Victoria Grinman

I am Dr. Victoria, therapist, speaker and trainer to professionals and organizations all over the world. In my 17+ year career I’ve supported people of all ages and backgrounds, dubbed  the “parent whisperer”  for consistently generating relationship success between partners, and parents with kids. I have been  in the depths of what most of them are going through, not as a parent myself, but as a child. 

As a refugee immigrant, I had a compelling, loving and unique childhood. Even with boundless support and encouragement, I experienced relationships with adults who I perceived had big emotions, and therefore I felt I couldn’t have mine. I spent much of my younger years oscillating between the questions: “Am I lovable?” and “ Am I enough?” These questions  followed me into  my chosen relationships, the most significant one being the relationship I have with myself. 

Why Growing Kind Minds?

I believe that the key to posttraumatic growth is an inquiry and kindness based mindset. Some of us are lucky enough to cultivate a kind mind early in life, but most of us have to do some unlearning and conscious rewiring to obtain a truly kind mind.

I can help you cultivate your Kind Mind and thrive.

Victoria helps people and organizations to become resilient, finding the possibilities of growth in order to thrive within hardship.


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